Customer Product Groups
Customer Product Groups

GPP GLOBAL PETROLEUM PARTNERS , delivers refined petroleum products in accordance with internationally accepted quality standards. Our corporate policy is to supply high quality products from reliable sources taking pricing, quality, environment and performance into consideration. In line with our corporate policy, we can meet specifically requested requirements on quality of grades which as per availability of the product.​

Customer Product Groups (CPG’s)

The Customer Product Groups (CPG’s) is supported by finance, development, transportation and logistics, legal and marketing capabilities through our management group.

NOTE: Currently all operations of GPP go through our global corporate office in FLORIDA AND SPAIN , as well as marketing and sales offices in the SPAIN AND BAHRAIN.

Our Customer Product Groups are designed around Industrial Divisions which are focused specifically on customer based products.

Product Lines

Petroleum products and energy solutions are channeled through our eight business product lines, ensuring flexibility and resiliency to adapt to market opportunities.

  1. Additives
  2. Aviation Fuels
  3. Bitumen
  4. Crude Oil
  5. Commercial Fuel Oils
  6. Lubricants/Base Oils
  7. Marine
  8. Naphtha