PETROLEUM EDUCATIONAL NETWORK (P.E.N.) is a ON-LINE Educational and Informative website brought to you by expert in various fields of the Petroleum business, experts in the areas of Finances, Logistics, Export, Legal and most importantly a source to gain knowledge in the Petroleum Business and one that will offer the opportunity to deal strictly with Refineries and Title Holders under FOB AND CIF basis, as well under DIP , TEST AND PAY methods.

This site is aeducational site made for use by suppliers, exporters, importers and end buyers of commodities world wide.

This site also serves much needed valuable advice to such entities as many ill informed and serious mistakes are being applied by many traders when buying and selling commodities.

P.E.N. is brought to you by a Partnership between three (3) Investors together with a 15 years old Petroleum Commodity Company that buys commodities and it sells commodities under large contract commitments and obligations therein, as we have become specialist trader able to engage in the purchase and sale of large revolving whole shipment lots.

One of the areas on this site and new said aspect will become established by mid 2015 serving suppliers and end buyers world wide with sound expert advice as well as serving our own customers and clients looking to secure goods prices for hard to secure products, as purchased under the auspices of a risk mitigated and safe process.

Without the requisite knowledge of correct trading procedures, you are simply wasting your time by attempting to trade. The vast majority of traders you will see on the internet don’t know how to close a deal. Most don’t even how to start a deal correctly let alone bring one to a successful conclusion.

Intermediaries needed to know what had happened in order to avoid being caught in the same situation.

In terms of the methodology of trading internationally intermediaries must use the same laws, rules and procedures as end buyers and suppliers.

We receives hundreds of offers by email each week, of which 99 per cent are deleted as either inappropriate or unworkable. Anyone attempting to do business with these types of intermediaries will also be unable to close a deal or collect a cent in commissions, no matter how long they trade for or how hard they try.

Perhaps they have a relative who is an export manager who works for the supplier, or they are friendly with the procurement manager in the end buyer’s corporation. In this sense there will always be a handful of intermediaries who purport to have secured commissions in a deal simply by passing information down a long line of individual traders, but in our experience they are usually either lying or are related to one of the principals Alas, with the inception of the internet another explosion soon followed.

The calm order provided by a regimented trading arena was replaced with a frenzy of untrained intermediaries, to whom no guidance in the complex realm of international trade was available. The trading protocol of intermediaries had come crashing down overnight as the internet phenomenon grew and yet nobody could tell the difference: intermediaries were jumping on board a ‘damaged and floundering vessel’ at an unstoppable rate.

In Mid-2015 P.E.N. will bring to you the MARKET INTERNATIONAL COMMODITY (M.I.C.) By mid 2015 each Suppliers or end buyers will only needs to follow our advice in submitting the proper form or advice as we develop our automated process in keeping up with changes in the future and the new challenges they may bring to our clients.