Competency Assurance

Competency Assurance


GLOBAL PETROLEUM PARTNERS executes large industrial oil and gas projects with multiple scopes. We value that skill as a core competence. By combining our capability with project forecasting and planning, we strive for flawless execution, reducing risk to project schedules and costs.

Our Clients

It is important to have developed direct relationships with suppliers and buyers alike to be able to create sustainable business.

Suppliers & Buyers: Our team has created and maintains an extensive database of buyers and sellers of various natural resources, mined products and other commodities. These relationships have already been pre-qualified and such relationships have been pre-tested within our extensive due diligence criteria. These networks yield direct and indirect relationships and references that lead to proprietary transaction flow.

Intermediaries: Through our experience in its various projects, our team has developed deep relationships with several financial partners and investors. These relationships help source transactions on an ongoing basis. Any new relationships introduced would have to meet our standard criteria for qualifying as a vetted partner.

GLOBAL PETROLEUM PARTNERS ‘ offers the most complete risk management and mitigation package available in industry today. We understand the work, we understand the risk, and we offer value-added solutions. We are your partner of choice.

We can help you…

We have the product capability and the expertise to efficiently manage risks and add value to customer globally.

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