Investor Centre

Investor Centre

Investor Program

GPP’s Partners are a diverse team of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, experienced investors, government insiders and seasoned venture capitalists.

Our team’s broad range of skills includes, but is not limited to:

  • Operations
  • Financing
  • Deal structure
  • Growing and managing successful organizations
  • Legal expertise

Our industry backgrounds are equally diverse and encompass government, technology, environmental science, food & agriculture, energy, legal, automotive, manufacturing, building materials, safety and financial services

The ability to create a strongly supportive team, which engages the best resources of our networks, portfolio company leaders and co-investors in order to build value in our investments, is what differentiates GPP.

Through our networks we seek unique technologies, which will alter or create new markets, and then work to successfully commercialize them.

We place significant value on both our Limited Partners and Portfolio company Management Teams, and consider them our extended Partners. We engage our Limited Partners in our investment process in creative ways that enhance value for all parties. Similarly, we seek out companies with strong, customer-focused management teams, and work closely with them to strengthen their businesses and make them more profitable.

Getting Started

Based on the information that you provide us, one of our staff will quickly determine the best path to follow considering your specific requirements, contact you personally, and will assist you in getting started with our Suppliers.

We look forward to serving qualified Buyers and/or Sellers who are serious about expanding their international trade transactions.

We also encourage established Suppliers to approach us about developing mutually beneficial mandate relationship.

We are confident you will find us to be an excellent trading partner with professionalism, experience and integrity. Most importantly we can connect you to genuine Buyers who can really make it happen for you.

Again, thank you for considering GPP as your trade partner of choice.