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Welcome to the website of GLOBAL PETROLEUM PARTNER

Our success has been a result of the hard work, persistence and commitment of each and every individual who at any time in our history has been a member of GPPH We have reached where we stand today…

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What Makes Us Different?

We differentiate ourselves from our competition through the experience we deliver to customers.

Our professionals will make a difference to your business with over 40+ years combined expertise knowledge of commodity trading, and the experience to use them effectively on the most complex of service issues, we get to the root of the problem, conveying our findings and offering solutions with clarity and confidence.

Closely aligned with our core values, these brand attributes reflect how we act and operate each day, and it matters deeply to our people and to our business partners.

We’ve formed strong relationships with many professionals spanning many trades. It’s important to be able to depend on reliable strategic partners and trade professionals, and the rapport we’ve formed with ours pay off again and again when we’re bringing our jobs in on schedule and on budget.

This range of channels reflects our understanding of the commodity industry, is tailored to match local and international trade needs ensuring that GLOBAL PETROLEUM PARTNERS is accessible and easy to do business with.

Our focus is to help end-buyers, and direct-suppliers close bulk transaction deals successfully.

GLOBAL PETROLEUM PARTNERS, strictly adhere to international rules and procedures including UCP600, UCR522 and Incoterms® 2010, using easy to follow guidelines found in the URPIB Rules of Trade.

This diversity of distribution channels, specifically developed to supply a variety of sought after commodities to established Buyers and Traders in the Commodity Industry, is our key business strengths.

About US

About Us

GLOBAL PETROLEUM PARTNERS .is an international Buyer/Seller of bulk commodities, specialized in importing and exporting petroleum products, particularly jet fuel and diesel. Our scope of business encompasses Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America, South America and Africa.

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Products Services

Products Services

Global access to key physical assets, a deep rolodex of financial partners and exclusive off take agreements set us apart from from other independent trading operations.


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Help & Support

Help & Support

This Help and Support homepage provides access to useful support information, frequently asked questions, and the latest literature.

Browse our Help & Support pages via the links below, to answer specific queries.

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Our People

We Know Our Greatest Asset is Our People

Great service requires great people. We attract and retain the best, with pride in who we are and what we do.

our team is our most valuable resource and the main reason for our success. Together we represent a diversity of backgrounds and nationalities with one clear common purpose – to produce outstanding results for you. One of the keys to our success is empowering transparency on all levels.

​We realize that without input we will not be able to achieve our goals both professionally and personally.

We continue to grow strong as a team and we strive to become more unified. We are constantly seeking out new relationships where we can continue to surround ourselves with the caliber of people that help us make a difference. As a company we value our employees, value each other, and want to make sure we all feel appreciated, included, and empowered.

Through our Authorized Representatives and Strategic Partners, you will find the products you need at the best market prices and under any profitable conditions.